Unfortunately, bone density decreases with age, exposing older patients to potential problems. This condition is called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes bones to be weak and more likely to break. People with osteoporosis often break bones in the hip, spine, and wrist.

More specifically, women are at higher risk for osteoporosis than men, and the risk increases with age. For this reason, bone density screening is recommended for all women aged 65 and older. In addition, men may want to discuss osteoporosis screening with their doctor if they’re over age 70 or at high risk for thinning bones.

What happens during a bone density test?

A bone density screening is a non-evasive, painless and simple way to screen for osteoporosis. Bone density tests act like an x-ray or scan of your body. The test doesn’t hurt, and you don’t need to do anything to prepare for it. It only takes about 15 minutes. 

With our Bone Densitometry equipment we are able to perform non-invasive BD screenings within the comfort of the patient’s room. This examination verifies the “T” score on each patient allowing appropriate treatment for osteopenia or advanced osteoporosis.